Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The First Step

Been homebrewing for a little while, made some tasty brews, a batch or three of damnfine mead and even some extremely good soda. Decided to see if I can make a go of it as a business. Be a lot of work, but work you love doing is no work a'tall. I think I'll call it "The Midgarð Brewing Company".

Ordered some books to get a better idea of what'll be needed; The Home Brewer's Companion (C. Papazian), Home Brewer's Gold (C. Papazian), How to Build a Small Brewery: Draft Beer in Ten Days (B. Owens), Brew Ware: How to Find, Adapt & Build Home Brewing Equipment (K. Lutzen & M. Stevens). These additions to my brewing bookhoard will make my job that much easier.

I wonder if I need a partner to juggle the financial end of things. Gonna have to start looking into a space. Need more books, need equipment, need to think this through about a hundred times. Cannae afford to make a mistake. Whelp, win or lose, it'll be an adventure.

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