Friday, January 13, 2012

New Additions to the Bookhorde

Some more books that I ordered have come in; Homemade Root Beer and Soda Pop (S. Cresswell), Homemade Soda (A Schloss) and Brewing Up a Business (S. Calagione).  Both the soda books are excellent, though Cresswell's book is a bit more oriented on history techniques and the "why" of soda making, where Schloss' is more about the recipes.  I also noted that many of the recipes in Homemade Soda include options for carbonating with champagne yeast.  W00T!  Real alcopop.  That makes for some interesting possibilities.

Calagione's book is all about how he went from making beer in his garage to running the Dogfish Head Brewery.  Inspiring, and by all accounts, a good place for a burgeoning entrepreneur to start their climb up the great tree of capitalism.

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